Apple Watch 38 mm with Woven Nylon Band

The Apple Watch 38 mm Woven Nylon Band puts everything at your fingertips, whether it's an appointment reminder, tracking your daily activity or simply a notification. All your important information is right on your wrist on the stunning and durable Apple Watch . Smart design The custom alloys used to make the Apple Watch not only look great, but also help it to stand up to everyday use. The Retina display features the clever Force Touch technology, making it a breeze to use - read emails, take phone calls or use the Sketch feature to get creative. Siri is on hand whenever you need help so you can simply start your workout with a few words or find directions in seconds. The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch makes it even easier to navigate through lists, zoom in and out and make selections without covering the screen. You can keep track of your health too, as the Apple Watch features a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope - you've got everything you need to track daily activity or push yourself further. Notifications The Taptic Engine taps you on the wrist whenever you get a notification, so you won't miss a thing. It can deliver different alerts for different notification types, so you'll be able to tell the difference between a message and a call without even looking. Nylon band This Apple Watch features the comfortable woven nylon strap that's made from over 500 threads. With an 18 hour battery life, the Apple Watch 38 mm Woven Nylon Band keeps going as long as you do.
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